Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blog Post 11

picture of Skype

Skype Interview with Ms. Cassidy.
Technology was introduced in a classroom filled with first graders and they were all very excited because it was a new, different, and exciting kind of experience for them. They were able to interact and learn in different ways, making it more fun for them. When Cassidy began, she received mixed feelings from the other teachers about using the internet in the classroom and letting their students learn from the internet. She said that those who used the internet supported it completely, but those who hadn't used the internet didn't think that it was the greatest idea. In the classroom you could make the children excited about it so they could get their parents to. If a child is excited its easier for the parents to be to.
Parents loved being able to check up on their students' progress and see what they are learning, and the students of course loved it. Her message was to basically let people know that technology in the classroom in this generation are more able and willing to learn because it works for them, than if they were to use the more traditional ideals, like using pencil and paper.
Teacher need to keep learning all the time and not be stuck in their ways. One thing she said that stuck out to me is” Technology is not going away its going to stay”. People try to avoid it but there is no way to stay out of technologies way.


  1. Hello Ashley!

    I enjoyed getting to know you by reading your other posts. You are exactly right, technology is here to stay. The sooner parents and teachers accept that fact the sooner we can move forward to the exciting challenges ahead. Be ready to use the Smartboard in your classroom to engage your students and provide the tools they will need to surf the internet appropriately and learn to decipher the information that will be at every turn.

    Best wishes in all your future endeavors!
    Heather Weaver

  2. Cassidy is a teacher much like Tom Johnson/John T. Spencer. Her classroom is an example of the one he strived to advocate in his "Pencils" Post for Blog Post 10. Both she and Johnson/Spencer believe that technology is a way to progress and not something to be afraid of in the classroom. You did a great job of making connections between the main points of the blog posts!
    Keep up the good work!