Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blog Post 13

This week we were challenged not to use technology for 24 hours. This is not possible for me to do. I tried to do it and then I would need to call my mom or check an email. Living away from home, my cell phone is the only way my family can get a hold of me if they need me. I have my phone on me at all times. I am also an officer in a sorority on campus which requires me to check my email everyday because that is how we get information out to each other. I also have a campus job which requires me to check emails. I never realized how depending I was on technology until recently. I really don’t know how to live my life without it. I guess it’s just the generation that I grew up in. I was never taught how to live without it.
Something else that was a big problem to me was not being able to listen to music on my radio or iPod. I always am listening to music whatever I am doing. I can’t ride in the car without music playing. I go crazy without it. I am very thankful for technology. If I would have kept going with the fast without giving up I would have never know about the shooting on campus and that we had a lockdown. Because when it happened I was off campus and I was about to head back when I got the email. Emails are the new way of communication. I have realized that it is impossible for me to live 24 hours with out these tools because that’s all I know

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  1. You will soon have students even more committed to (or should I say addicted to) technology. Are you prepared to be their teacher? Can you teach without technology? How and what will you technology in your classroom? How will you use your student's technology for educational purposes?