Sunday, April 29, 2012

C4T #4

C4T #1
Slippery Slopes
This post talks about how websites are about to start charging to watch videos. Instead of you being able to just watch any video on line people would have to start paying for it. This would hurt sites like YouTube. I said I think this is a very interesting topic. Videos are an importing tool in learning. I think it would harm more than it would help if they started looking at it as copyright infringement.
The importance of teaching brainstorming
This post talks about how we should give a topic to a child enables that child to let their mind run free on ideas that would help them explain it. In timed settings primarily for the older students, it allows them to be pushed to a certain degree and helps prepare them for what they might see in higher education classes. Brainstorming helps these kids provide more in depth papers or deeper understanding of what their topic is, because of the many discoveries they would have. I commented and said.

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