Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blog Post 12

Watch the video on the Girl effect .Explain why education is so important when girls are younger? Should we place a more important emphasis on education in the US?

Education is very important especially in this situation. A lot of people take education for granted and do not realize how important it truly is. I think all young girls deserve to go to school and have a good life that they control. I think there needs to be more emphasis on education in the United States. Some people don’t even know things like this are happening in our world. If we could change the world one girl at a time the world would be a better place. Teachers need to be appreciated more. This would make students respect them more as well. As you can see in this video you need education for everything but teachers are not given credit

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  1. This is an interesting point but I don't see where you followed the instructions for the assignment. Where are the instructions? I think more information about the assignment is needed and not just telling people to go look at the video. I feel like you could have done more.